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16x20 Crafty Crow $300
16x20 Madre y el Nina $450
11x14 Fruit Bowl $195
16x20 Irish Kitchen $395
16x16 Lily Pond 275
12x12 Lily Reflection $225
12x12 Irish Window 225
18x24 Lilacs in Jug $350
12x12 Sunburst SALE- $175
16x20 "Are You Looking At Me?" $395
18x36 Return of the Bison $750
20x20 Amigos and the Gringo $395
12x24 Fresh Catch $395
18x36 Poppies in the Rain $550
24x36 Pretty Poppies $995
16x20 Full Bloom $395
14x18 Catching the Light $395
12x36 Amaryllis $395
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